Spring might be a few weeks away, but Spring Cleaning is in full effect here at Black Dog. We have been spending time in our warehouse getting organized for the year ahead, and have found some spring cleaning discounts in the process. What’s better than discounts? Discounts that look great and are right on trend with what we’re seeing already in 2018.

  1. Dark Woods
  2. You can almost never go wrong with a dark finish to any wood piece. These great wood pieces have a deep taupe finish that balance lighter colored rooms. Console tables are great behind sectionals or couches with exposed backs. A coffee table with the moody details dark wood adds to a room is a go to solution for a classy seating area.

  3. Metallic Finishes
  4. A touch of metal, done correctly, brings sophistication. Ideal Home suggests we should “think less copper and rose gold, more brass!”. It’s a classy combination of “brass furniture pieces, mirrors and accessories [that] all help to add a luxurious finish to any room…”. Brass side tables beautifully brighten statement pieces like leather chairs. Metallic/Mirror combo pieces blend two great trends and can work in a mirror on the wall or in a coffee table.

    (Read more at www.idealhome.co.uk)

  5. Leather Chairs
  6. Beautiful foundation pieces in a space where function is key and seating needs to be comfortable, or bold stand alone piece where space is what’s important- we LOVE leather chairs.

  7. Botanicals & Prints
  8. It’s not just a spring trend, it seems. Botanicals are going to bring us through 2018. Whether a live plant or a lively print, it’s simply about green. Bring in the lush, energizing colors of green into your spaces that need a boost.
    Botanicals at Black Dog Interiors

Spring Cleaning Sale at Black Dog Interiors!

We hope you’ll stop by to peruse the trends and take advantage of these discounts!
Look for the colorful dog bones around the store for 15-30% off!
See you soon and happy shopping!