If you’re anything like me, succulents make your heart flutter! I just love adding natural elements to any space I design. But, also if you’re anything like me, it can be a challenge keeping your succulents looking fresh and lively for long periods of time.

Black Dog Interiors Succulents
You decorate with them, they look great for a month or two, BUT if you forget about them, they die and a little part of you dies with them. Well, I have found the perfect solution to all our succulent woes! Black Dog Interiors now offers an amazing line of imitation succulents that look and feel real– you won’t even believe they are fake– making them perfect for decorating shelves, bathrooms and more! The best thing about these are the variety of potting styles we offer! I am so excited to introduce these to my friends and clients especially with my new customization program. I can build a succulent arrangement in a container that matches your style or you can completely customize the design from scratch!

pottery and succulents

For example, say you have some of great grandmother’s china collecting dust in one of your cabinets. You love having these family heirlooms but you might not know how to repurpose them into something you love to display! I can take grandma’s teacup and arrange a cute little succulent inside and voila, you have an adorable decorative piece that means something special to you and your family!

teacup succulent

The options are endless and I just love the idea of repurposing family heirlooms and antiques into something a bit more modern. If you like a little Western flare like my father did, you can even take an old pair of boots and fill it with a succulent arrangement and all of the sudden you have a beautiful piece of decor for a shelf or table. I put together this boot in remembrance of my Father and now every time I walk into my living room, it puts a smile on my face to have a little bit of him and a little bit of me combined into one!

Daddy's boot succulent

If you’re interested in creating your own succulent arrangement, shoot me a message on facebook or email me at [email protected]